Personal Training

An effective way to commit to an exercise is to workout with a Coach. A Personal Coach will help design and implement a program to meet your needs. Identify strengths and weaknesses. Establish positive, achievable goals. Measure training progress. Empower you to push the limits of how you may have been training on your own.


Dynamic Sports Group’s private studio offers an encouraging and creative atmosphere in which to train in. By training for strength, balance, flexibility and incorporating healthy but simple eating habits. It promotes a healthy and upward positive spiral effect.


If you want to become stronger, leaner and healthier. Get physically active and have more energy. Eat better or achieve peak performance in your sport.

Karen will help you achieve your goals through proper fitness training and nutrition. Offering personalized one to one coaching, as well as small group classes, tailored to fit your busy schedule.


Get started on your own personalized plan for success today!